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our virtual servers contain by default 100 MB diskspace, 10 gigabyte internet traffic (per month) and 50 user accounts. This virtual server is providing services for www, ftp, mail (smtp, pop3, imap), webmail, php+mysql, perl, and much more. You get full control using a webbased control panel.
You'll need 1 virtual server per domain, but you can enlarge your virtual server by merging another one into it. Also, if your website generates more traffic than the given limit, we start the merge of another virtual server for you automatically. Special wishes? Put us to the challenge!

Your own server for just 9 euro ($ 10) a month!


send in a filled out agreement (download english / dutch) or signup through PayPal subscriptions.

NEW:  You can subscribe for one virtual server right now...

this will bill you on a monthly basis for 1 virtual server. You have to order your domain separately, see below. Click this button for your server...

Click the PayPal Subscribe button!

Domain registration

we register or transfer your requested domainname, and by default maintain it on our own DNS-servers (located in USA and Europe).
Check your domain here!

We register all extensions, with no exceptions, and specialise in the following: us
eu com net org biz info name be         for
15,90 euro ($ 17,50) each year


NL (extra forms will be send to you)   for 31,75 euro ($ 35,05) each year
domain name

other hosting services

ask us for an offer of any internet service you require, fallback or live...

ADSL offer

If you live in Holland, to reach your Virtual Server we recommend ADSL (3/6/12mbit) from DDS starting at € 24,95. Order Here!